Adoption Works for Families

Date: November 22, 2017 Author: Jackie Lee Categories: Adoption Awareness Month


Adoption Works for Families

Families are formed in many different ways and adoption is one of the ways that can happen.

Often, people assume that people look to adoption to form their families if there are infertility issues. This may be the case—but isn’t always. People are drawn to adoption for many reasons—but all the reasons are the same---to include children into their lives.

Adoption is a process that creates a permanent relationship between human beings who then form a family---and that family has all the characteristics of any other family---love, empathy, fun, joy, mistakes, struggles and hope!

A family created by adoption also has a few other characteristics. These include an immediate extended family, another set of parents, a history of loss and a legacy/history that the child/children bring with them to the family---even if they come to the family at birth. These characteristics add a complexity to families formed by adoption that need to be supported and nourished. This complexity provides the perfect base to create families that grow, learn, challenge and enhance the lives of all the family members and society at large.

So—why create a family by adoption—because every child and youth deserve to have a family to call their own."

Why create a family by adoption? The simple answer..why not? There are children looking for a permanent family and families looking for permanent children and combined---they create a new family unit that can offer what we all hope for from our families---a secure base, a place to call home, a place that we can be accepted for who we are and challenged to become who we are meant to be. Adoption is a journey of addition not subtraction!

Adoption also often means that birth siblings can stay together and continue their relationship with each other in their permanent family. If that is not possible, they can often stay in each other’s lives with contact, visits and connections!!

Adoption is, by its very nature, works to create families.

Karen Moore is an adoptive mom and Clinical Director, Open Doors for Lanark Children & Youth

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