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Exciting announcement! As of December 2020, the ACO leads the Adoption Resource Exchange (ARE) and the Central Intake project for the province of Ontario. Everyone at the ACO is thrilled to have this opportunity to create more opportunities for children to find permanency and to ensure that parents are prepared and ready to be the right family for a child or youth. We are very grateful to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) for providing funding to the ACO.

In all areas of child recruitment and matching, the ACO works from a child focused perspective, ensuring that every effort is made for a child to find the family that is right for them. The expansion of the AdoptOntario (AO) database/website will allow for more children to be registered and a more seamless and efficient experience for both professionals and prospective adoptive parents. Connecting with parents as they begin their adoption/permanency journeys will provide many new opportunities for front end education.

System navigation, living and parenting from a framework that recognizes the important of the core issues in adoption and the role of loss and relationship disruption in the life of a child are essential in the ACO’s focus and approach. With the additional funding from MCCSS, we are grateful to be able to offer the Pathways program for parents, an essential training opportunity for adoptive parents post placement. As a child focused organization, we are excited to be able to support more parents in learning specialized, attuned parenting which focuses on building the relationship with a child who has experienced loss and early trauma.

We look forward to working with our partners in the child welfare system, private practice, and the community. Together we can provide opportunities in recruitment, matching, and training that supports minimizing further loss or relationship disruption, maintaining ties with original family, culture, race, ethnicity and their history and story for children and youth needing permanency in Ontario.

As always Warmest Regards, Dianne Mathes, Executive Director, Adoption Council of Ontario

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PACT Program Manager, Kathy Soden, recenly wrote an article for NACAC's AdoptTalk publication on Developmental Trauma.

Is the term "Developmental Trauma" new to you? It was new to Kathy, parent to three children through adoption, not too long ago as well. 

Many of our children and youth experience trauma early in life. Developmental Trauma helps us understand how those experiences impact brain development, functioning and health. 

In the article, Kathy explains developmental trauma, why it deserves our attention as well as the creation of the Developmental Trauma Action Alliance (DTAA), which is supported by ACO.


Interested in finding out what it means to become a "parent" to a young person who has aged out of care without a family to rely on?

Never Too Late for a Family (NTL) is a program thats mandate is to promote and facilitate permanency for young people who have exited the Child Welfare system without it. NTL aims to give back to youth the opportunity to have people in their lives who can provide support, guidance, and most importantly a sense of belonging.

Date: Saturday, March 6th
Time: 10 am-12 pm

This orientation is the second half of our program orientation. Attendees must watch part one, recording available for free, on our website prior to attending. 


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Would you like to build your knowledge with tools, tips and strategies to help you in your adoption and parenting journey?

The ACO provides a wide variety of trainings and resources including live and recorded webinars, panels, hangouts and audio recordings to listen to on the go. 

These offerings cover a wide range of topics including; Search & Reunion, Transitional Planning, Special Needs, Developmental Trauma, Openness and much more! You are bound to find something that will help you on your journey!


It's true that the sea lives in every one of us. In Jim's case, he is most at home when underwater. He takes swimming lessons and loves any time spent in the water. When on dry land, you’re likely to find this happy, outgoing young man giggling (and you’ll likely find yourself laughing along). Meet Jim.

Visit AdoptOntario's Kid's Korner, where you can explore profiles of waiting children and youth! Our Kid's Korner provides an opportunity for families to learn more about a child or youth's personality, matching considerations, openness and more.




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