What is the Family Effect? | Family Day Weekend

Date: February 12, 2016 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: The Family Effect

familyeffect-familyday1-250.pngAs we begin this Family Day Weekend we want to celebrate and reflect all the ways our families are important to us. Everyone needs a family regardless of age.  As we enter adulthood we turn to our parents and elders for guidance and a treasure trove of history, tradition and more.  In times of both celebration and challenges, we look to family for support and communion.

If a youth has no family of their own before leaving foster care their outcomes can be poor. They may:

  • Not be able to finish high school
  • Face unemployment
  • Face incarceration
  • Become homeless
  • Experience exacerbated mental illness

Over the next few days, this Family Day weekend, let us compare a few real scenarios of young people Kim Stevens, ACO Board member has had the honour to know.  All of the names are changed, but the stories are true, and sometimes heartbreaking. In each, the difference is a permanent family.

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