Today is Children and Youth Care Day!

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May 14th is Children and Youth in Care Day. Did you know that the province of Ontario is the legal guardian of more than 6000 Children and Youth in the province?

When young people come into the care system, the Government of Ontario makes a promise to that young person to take care of them. To provide a safe and stable environment in which they can flourish and reach their full potential. Some of these young people find permanency through adoption, but most will lose the support of their Children’s Aid Society as early as 16.

This could mean they no longer have:

  • access to stable housing;
  • support for managing their mental health;
  • a reliable income on which to support themselves;
  • or the ability to graduate high school and move on to post-secondary.

Though today we want Ontario to remember the promise we have made and the challenges that our young people face, we also want to celebrate the contributions of change they bring to Ontario’s community.

Check out some of the youth-created content below!

And then I was adopted...the end?

Written by: Wendy Hayes and Ashley Ash (shown respectively below), young people who have experienced adoption from the child welfare system.

Wendy & AshleyIn Ontario, as many as 1000 adoptions happen for kids from the care system every year. Though adoption often improves the potential outcomes for young people through providing permanency and stability, the trauma we experienced in our lives before adoption, and any mental health challenges or special needs we live with, don’t magically “go away” when our adoptions are finalized.

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Youth Network PSA

"You can't know about foster care and adoption, unless you've lived it. Let us tell you."

The Adoption Council of Ontario supports a Youth Network for young people who have experienced adoption. Some of the activities of the Network involve advocacy and awareness efforts developed by its members. This PSA was created by them:

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Everyone Deserves a Family - Brody's Video

Brody, a young man who has experienced adoption, created this video as a school project to communicate the importance that family has on our lives. 

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" 

Written by: Ashley, a young person who has experienced adoption out of the care system.

Jessica"What do you want to be when you grow up?". I think I have heard this question about a million times. Its something that you get asked throughout your life. When you're a child, the answers don’t seem to matter because adulthood is so far away. For me I decided when I was six years old. There was nothing that could change my mind, and to this day I still want to be an adoption counselor.

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Older Youth Adoption: A Youth Perspective

Written by: Ashley, a young person who has experienced adoption out of the care system.

AshleyI am one of the 5% of almost 7,000 children and youth in our foster care system who was adopted between the ages of 13-18. I met my mother, Elaine when I was 12, the adoption was finalized a year later and I officially was part of my forever family. You often hear the term “forever family”.  It may sound strange, but to me, it encompasses everything an adoptive family is and should be. A foster family is simply not a ‘forever family’.

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My REAL Lifebook 

This report, coming out of the 2011 Youth Leaving Care Hearings, was written by young people with experiences in the care system. The purpose of this report was to bring attention to these experiences and seek to improve the outcome of young people leaving care. Several recommendations were provided at the end of this report in order to achieve this goal, and one of those was, declaring May 14th as Children and Youth in Care Day to " raise awareness, reduce stigma and recognize children and youth in care. It would also help keep the issues affecting our lives in the public spotlight and provide for regular updates on the Action Plan for Fundamental Change." The six themes covered by this report are; 





  • We are Vulnerable
  • We are Isolated
  • We are left out of our Lives
  • No one is really there for us
  • Care in unpredictable
  • Care ends and we struggle.

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