A Self-Care Day for ACO's Youth Network

Date: August 8, 2017 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Adoptees | Events | Mental Health | Youth Network

Written by: Brad Gibbons, Youth Liaison with Living Experience in Adoption

Young man sitting with his back to us, looking out over a landscape from a high place.Self-care is an ongoing practice for adoptees. Unfortunately, not all of us are aware of our self-care. We often look to help others before taking care of ourselves. This leads to a lot of stress and personal complications within our lives. The things that we believe are small or not important slowly build up to create bigger issues if not handled in the best way possible through self-care.

I didn’t always appreciate the importance of self-care. As someone who has experienced adoption, with all the talks and triggering activities around me it is important for me to take moments to reflect and know my own needs and how to fulfil those needs in a positive way.

A lack of self-care can often lead to issues in one’s life including; anxiety, stress and other complications. Knowing this now, I realize the importance of introducing self-care to our next generation of adoptees as they go throughout their life.

On July 30th Health benefits provider League, in partnership with Children's Aid Foundation, hosted its 2nd free Youth Self-Care Day for youth in and from care ages 18-29 in Toronto. During the event, youth were offered different forms of self-care such as message therapy, dental, diet and nutrition counselling, life coaching, naturopathic doctors and a beginners class of yoga.

As a result of attending the event, youth expressed a better understanding of self-care and the effects that not maintaining self-care can have on one’s body and mind. Youth were invited to take resources with them for further reference and described the experience as enjoyable and relaxing.

At the ACO we understand the importance of self-care for youth on their journey in life. We feel that we need to take care of our youth to create the strongest generation possible and give them the resources that they require to take care of themselves.

The one day event was an amazing experience that did just that and gave both the ACO and the youth opportunities to grow and be successful in the time to come.

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