ACO Believes in the Power of Family

Date: February 1, 2018 Author: Jackie Lee Categories: Youth Network


ACO Believes in the power of family

Having the support of a family has the greatest impact on a child’s health, well-being and improving the potential for success.  ACO works with Ontario families, Child Welfare and Children’s mental health professionals to make sure that all Ontario children have a family – for life.

"The infinity sign symbolizes foreverness"

The ACO Youth Network created a logo that resonates well with Family Day on February 19th. The word FAMILY with the infinity sign underneath. The message of the logo is simple – family is all you need and, like the infinity sign, it has ‘no beginning and no end’. Adopted youth also said that the infinity sign can represent the two important parts of their family in the equal sized loops; their birth family and their adopted family. To the youth in our network, this is what ‘family’ really means – what every foster and adoptive child needs.

Brad Gibbons, ACO Youth Liaison shares his personal thoughts on family-

So for me, a forever family is a family that sticks with the youth through the good and the bad times. Growing up, I would always push people away when times get tough because I wanted to see who would leave me and who would stay. I want to see who would leave me like my birth parents. But the truth is, with all the people that I was trying to push away and reject, I soon realized that they weren't going anywhere. The woman and man that want to adopt me are here to stay.

I have learned that without my forever family, I would not be the Youth Liaison of the ACO and also not nearly the man I have become. For me, I believe it is a basic right to have a family and everyone should have a forever family.

To me, there is no reason a family shouldn't be forever because family stays for the good but also for the bad.

Every time when I have a celebration of anything, my family is always the ones to clap the loudest and when I was upset or down, they are always there to be my support. A forever family is knowing that your family will be at home when I come home every day. It has taken me many years of hard work and struggles to realize the importance of a forever family, and a forever family is everything to me. I strongly believe in the message that youth need families and families need support. Without my forever family and the support they give, I would not be who I am today.


Please join ACO in celebrating Family Day by following our social media and our family day website to see why other people also believe in the power of family. 

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