Healing Childhood Trauma Together

Date: September 20, 2018 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: DTAA | Events | Mental Health


The Developmental Trauma Action Alliance (DTAA) is excited to announce the launch of its provincial campaign, Healing Childhood Trauma Together.


Trauma, particularly in the first three years of life, leads to profound changes in our brain and body. This process of change is called developmental trauma. Some traumatic experiences that have been shown to cause developmental trauma include experiencing physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, witnessing domestic violence, parental separation and divorce, as well as parental mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, or criminal problems. These brain and body changes can affect lifelong relationships, mental and physical health, learning, living, and parenting across the lifespan.


The DTAA is convening a series of roundtables across the province to discuss community strengths and needs as they relate to developmental trauma. Our goal is to improve the long-term outcomes and overall well-being of children, youth and adults who have been affected.


We are inviting families, professionals, and policy makers with an interest in developmental trauma to attend a two-hour roundtable. After a short presentation about developmental trauma and how to address it, we’d like to discuss your experiences and any existing services and supports in your community or services you think the community needs. We hope this roundtable will begin the process of educating people about developmental trauma and developing coordinated services to heal developmental trauma in our communities.


If you, your child, or a family member has been affected by developmental trauma, or if you work with or support individuals and families affected by developmental trauma, we want to hear from you.


Roundtables will be held in several Ontario locations this fall: North Bay, London, Ottawa, Barrie, Toronto, Thunder Bay and Peterborough. We also hope to offer a virtual roundtable via video-conferencing in Northern Ontario.


Click here for more details and to register for one of our roundtables: www.adoption.on.ca/developmental-trauma/campaign


The DTAA is very grateful to Ontario Trillium Foundation for sponsoring our provincial campaign and to the various agencies around the province that are hosting the roundtables.


We look forward to meeting you. Let’s Heal Childhood Trauma - Together.