It's Great to Adopt a Teen!

Date: November 26, 2018 Author: ACO Administrator Categories: AdoptOntario

It’s Great to Adopt a Teen!

When a family pictures adopting a child to complete their family, they may not be envisioning adding a teenager or adolescent to the picture. And that’s okay – many families have concerns or questions about raising an older youth. However, there are some great advantages to adopting a teen that many families are not yet aware of.

There are thousands of teenagers in foster care. Even though they might be preparing for independence upon aging out, like applying to college and university, securing a job or housing, these teens are still seeking love and support to help them navigate life's challenges and celebrate holidays, birthdays and special occasions. A family doesn’t stop being a family when a child turns 18, and these teens need a family as an adult too, just like we all do!

Older youth who are adopted from foster care are more likely to finish high school, seek higher education, and be more emotionally secure than their peers who remain in or age out of foster care without a permanent family. 

Not only do these children need a family as they grow older, but there are also great benefits to adopting an older youth! Not only can they be more independent (no worries about securing childcare after school if you work late!), but they also can share in your interests and help you out with cooking dinner. A lot of youth can secure summer jobs or part-time employment, and they have access to financial supports to attend college or university at no cost to the adoptive family.

Check out this video to hear from teens themselves about why it’s great to adopt an older youth:


Additionally, AdoptOntario is profiling five amazing teens in our upcoming webinar on Parenting Adolescents on Wednesday, December 12 at 7pm. Register for the online profile event here: This event is open all families.

Author: Lauren Glassman RSW, AdoptOntario Clinical Coordinator