ACO - Executive Director is Retiring

Date: June 8, 2019 Author: Pat Convery Categories: Adoption in the News


In February 2007, I was hired as the Executive Director of the Adoption Council of Ontario. At the time, the ACO had a staff of one other full-time staff and three contract workers who worked part-time. Adopt Ontario was in its second year as a Ministry program, ACO hosted two Education Days a year and we answered How To Adopt calls using “student power”.

12 years later, we still have at our core the belief that 'Kids Need Families and Families Need Support' and have grown our staff and programs immensely. I am so proud of all the work we have done over the last decade:


  • Growing AdoptOntario;
  • Launching the Pathways and Adoption Competency Training;
  • Continuing to support adoptive families through Permanency and Adoption Support Services;
  • Doing monthly How To Adopt Sessions;
  • Offering workshops for teacher/educators;
  • Leading the launch of the Developmental Trauma Action Alliance;
  • Launching the Never Too Late project;
  • Supporting parent-run support groups across the province;
  • Supporting Search and Reunion support groups, and
  • Increasing our education offerings both in person and online. 

I am so proud of the work we have done over the past decade.

It is now time for me to catch up with my hair colour and retire from this role. I am excited about what the future holds both for me personally as well as for the ACO.

A committee of board members and staff are seeking a candidate to direct our work as a leader in the province and help guide ACO as it continues into its third decade of service. I will stay as long as I am needed to ensure a smooth transition.

The ACO is actively recruiting a new Executive Director. 


“ACO began around a kitchen table as an idea launched by a group of adoptive parents who knew they needed more support and wanted to be able to provide that for others as well. Now thousands of people in this province touched by adoption utilize ACO’s services and I am proud and honoured to continue to walk this journey together with you. I am also excited to welcome a new Executive Director to take over the lead of this amazing team of people – staff, board and volunteers – who are the foundation of the Adoption Council of Ontario.”

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Author: Pat Convery, Executive Director