Meet the Johnsons on Giving Tuesday

Date: December 2, 2019 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Opportunities to Give

This Giving Tuesday, we want to introduce you to the Johnson’s. A family who were looking to grow their family though adoption.

Located in Northern Ontario, the Johnson’s are a married could in their 40s. They already are parents to two teenagers. As a special educator, Terry, and spouse Pat, a graphic designer who works from home, they would like to bring their skills and experience to a child needing a family.

Given that they are living in Northern Ontario, they are several hours drive from many agencies, making it difficult for them attend information and education events.

The ACO has been alongside the family since the very beginning of their journey. Once the idea of adoption was sparked, the ACO was the family’s first point of contact. They called to inquire how they could become approved adoptive parents in Ontario, and ACO staff explained the process over the phone, sent a follow-up email with additional information, and invited the family to attend a How to Adopt webinar.

After that the Johnsons furthered their learning by attending the ACO’s Adoption Matters webinar series as they worked on becoming AdoptReady. Once they became AdoptReady, they applied for an account on AdoptOntario’s professional Adoption Resources Databank, where adoption workers across the province can find potential matches for families.

This was how they met Daniel, a 9-year old boy whose worker was using AdoptOntario to find him a family.

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Every day, families like the Johnsons rely on the ACO to learn about adoption, begin the journey and become prepared to welcome a young person from unique circumstances into their home.

Will you support hundreds of families across Ontario to begin the journey of adoption?