Becoming a Prospective Adoptive Parent on AdoptOntario

Date: May 8, 2020 Author: Ellen Igumnova Categories: AdoptOntario


When you create an account with AdoptOntario, consider providing us with additional information regarding your family, sharing specifics about the child you are seeking and telling us about the types of special needs you are open to. If you already have an account, you may want to consider logging in to make some updates. Getting to you know more about you is important to us as we support you through your adoption journey.

We can then send you non-identifying profiles of children, if you are open to a child’s specific matching criterion like sibling group size, age, cultural or racial considerations, religion and/or needs. Once you read these profiles, and you find yourself interested in learning more about a child, you are encouraged to connect with a Clinical Coordinator over the phone to have a further conversation. This provides an opportunity for additional information sharing.

By becoming a Prospective Adoptive Parent you may also be contacted by adoption workers, who can reach out to you directly about a potential match!

As a Prospective Adoptive Parent, we are able to better support you during your adoption journey by offering personalized suggestions. We may recommend specific trainings, provide you with personal invitations to child profile nights, suggest children you may be interested in learning more about, and assist you with creating your family profile and more!

If you would like to learn more about how you can update your account to become a Prospective Adoptive Parent, please connect with us today! 

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