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AdoptOntario Professional

AdoptOntario Professional is a powerful tool used to connect waiting children with families in Ontario.

Adoption professionals seeking families for their waiting children can browse the Adoption Resources Databank hosted on AdoptOntario Professional™ to get matches at any time.

Once you sign up for an AdoptOntario Professional™ account, you can access the Databank via by clicking on the Professional Login. AdoptOntario Professional™ is password protected, encrypted and viewable only to adoption professionals.

Adoption professionals can register both AdoptReady families, and waiting children on the Adoption Resources Databank by clicking Recruiting for Your Waiting Children or Resources for Your Family in the drop down menu.

To start the process, adoption professionals must add a waiting child to the Adoption Resources Databank. Children who are legally available for adoption may also be posted on the waiting child feature on the public area of the website.

There are hundreds of verified AdoptReady Ontario families with profiles in our databank that have been carefully vetted. You should remember to add a waiting child to the databank as early as possible – it takes only a few minutes and may lead to a match sooner.

The AdoptOntario Professional system is a resource that is designed to move adoption professionals through the process, and provide support wherever possible. Training on how to use the system is, of course, no cost and available through video tutorials on the AdoptOntario website in the Adoption Professionals section, AdoptOntario webinars, and the AdoptOntario Professional Recruitment Handbook.

To sign up for our on-demand AdoptOntario Professional webinar, go here or email: [email protected] with the subject line, Training Webinar. View AdoptOntario Professional FAQs here.