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AdoptOntario assists Adoption Professionals to find the ideal match for children and youth in Ontario’s foster care with prospective adoptive families.

Every Child and Youth Deserves a Family

Our approach includes a comprehensive databank of prospective parents and children needing permanent homes, and expert clinical coordinators to guide both adoption professionals and potential adoptive families. By integrating personalized support with innovative technology, we provide options to create lasting connections and stability for children and youth in Extended Society Care.


adoptions included Openness Provisions

(Source: OACAS) (2020-2021)


of children/youth on the databank have siblings

There is an urgent need to find families who can provide permanent care for youth who live with a diagnosis of Autism.

Preparation training (PRIDE) for Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)

PRIDE training is the standardized educational training program to prepare all applicant families to foster or adopt children in Ontario. It is a mandatory component towards becoming AdoptReady

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All children and youth who are adopted have experienced loss, grief and trauma. The ACO helps parent(s) understand these needs and provides information and resources as well as public education. If you are looking for post-adoption support check out Pathways to Permanence.


children/youth referred to AdoptOntario have been connected with families since 2006

7.4 years

The average of age of children and youth on the AdoptOntario databank


new families have registered for public accounts on AdoptOntario in 2022-23

Source *AdoptOntario Family/Child Aggregates Data 2023-24

Shared Experiences


Miles is a social butterfly who loves to show off his hearty laugh and a big smile with those around him. He is very inquisitive and very aware of his environment and wants to “be in the know.” He is a content little one who loves nothing more than to be cuddled and held. Miles was profiled at eleven regional and provincial AREs A match was identified in 2020 and further pursued in 2021.


Chloe, 6 was referred to AdoptOntario in early 2019, she has since been profiled at three AREs, and has been supported with every recruitment strategy available to help her find permanency. It was in January 2021 when a wonderful and experienced family learned about Chloe.


Margret, 10 was first referred to AdoptOntario in early 2016. An experienced foster family first learned about her through the Waiting Children Photolisting. Coincidently, Margret and her family were both affiliated with the same Children’s Aid Society.

Max, Levi & Noah

Max, Levi, and Noah were presented at the “Nurturing Identity, Seeking Black/Biracial Families” event in October 2020. Three months after the event the children’s adoption worker shared that a family had been selected through the event.


Eloise, age 8, is a bright-eyed, engaging young person with a winning smile. Referred to AdoptOntario in April, Eloise was presented at the Spring ARE in May. During this event, a family worker learned of Eloise and put forward a skilled and identity supporting family for consideration. This family had also been identified through the AdoptOntario Databank matching tool. The match was confirmed 4 months after the ARE, 5 months after being referred to the program.

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