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Waiting Children

AdoptOntario features the Waiting Child Listing, a resource where prospective adoptive families can view the profile, photos, and videos of children and youth currently waiting for permanency through public adoption (link to central intake page) in Ontario. For all children and youth on the Waiting Child Listing, pseudonyms are used in order to protect their privacy. The children and youth are involved in the process in an age and stage appropriate way and work with their adoption professional to share information about themselves, their needs, and their interests in a family.

If you are not yet AdoptReady (adoption homestudy and PRIDE training not yet completed) you can still create an account on adoptontario.ca and view a limited profile that does not include photos or videos of the child. If you are AdoptReady but are not able to view any photos or videos, please let your adoption professional know so that they can verify your AdoptReady status.

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Kids Korner

Kids Korner is a public-access feature of the AdoptOntario program and provides information about children or youth currently waiting for permanency through public adoption (link to central intake page). The profile, which does not include photos or videos, shares non-identifying information about the child or youth, including contact information for the Clinical Coordinator supporting their AdoptOntario recruitment. Kids Korner profiles are available here, through our newsletter, or in our Kids Korner specific communications (sign up for email communication).

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Learning About Therapeutic Parenting

In Canadian private and public adoption agencies, children who are considered to have special needs do not always have developmental delays or disabilities. The term special needs in adoption can also include age, abuse or neglect, mental, emotional or physical disabilities, sibling groups, culture or race, and those ‘at risk’ of developing health issues later on.

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