• AdoptQuiz Answers

AdoptQuiz Answers

1. Who adopts?
A: (C) All different types of individuals regardless of their age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race etc.

2. How long does it take to complete a homestudy?
A: (C) The length of time can vary depending on appointment times and gathering of documents

3. What does the term “special needs” mean?
A: All are true.

4. Do you have to be of the same race/ethnicity as the child you wish to adopt?
A: (A) and (B) The decision is made based on the best planning for the child however race and culture are important to maintain whenever possible.

5. In Canada, how many weeks are adoptive parents eligible for EI benefits after adopting?
A: (C) Currently adoptive parents are only eligible for the parental leave portion the EI benefits.

6. What would you do if your adopted child was 18 and wanted to find their birth parents?
A: (A) It is important to support your child to make connections with birth families as this is a natural and healthy part of the developing an identity for many people who are adopted

7. In 2008 – 2009, how many CAS adoptions were finalized in Ontario?
A: (A) There were 819 adoptions finalized in Ontario in 2008-2009. This represents only a small portion of the number of children who could be adopted. More than 2,500 children are Crown Wards and live in foster care.

8. Approximately how many children have been listed on the AdoptOntario databank?
A: (B) 319 is small number compared to the number of children in CAS foster care who would benefit from an adoptive family.

9. What month is Adoption Awareness month?
A: (C) November is international adoption month – Adoption professionals and adoptive families in Ontario seek opportunities to use Adoption Awareness Month as a way of raising awareness about adoption challenges that families face on their adoption journey but also spend time celebrating the adoption connections that have been made throughout the year.

10. What is the Adoption Resource Exchange?
A: (A) The Adoption Resource Exchange has been an Ontario adoption event since 1956. On average about 175 children are profiled on the Sunday Child Profile day and about 500 individuals with interest in adoption attend the day to meet with adoption professionals from around the province.

11. What is AdoptOntario?
A: (A) AdoptOntario uses advanced technology and clinical support for families and adoption professionals to maximize opportunities to connect children in CAS foster care who need a forever family with Ontario families.

12. I am AdoptReady™ because I have …
A: (C) While all these things are important, a family must complete the adoption homestudy and attend parent training (PRIDE) before they can adopt in Ontario.

13. I would be a good parent because I have:
A: These are all wonderful traits for a parent to have. The adoption journey can be challenging but the rewards are great when you see a child grow to an adult within the love and support of your fam