Hearts, Love, Connection

February is all about hearts and love and connections. Sending words of love on Valentine’s Day. Adoption is also about hearts, taking care of them and the hurt they can […]

A Message for Mental Health Week 2022

Permanency in adoption is the act of finding a family for a child/youth who cannot remain in their birth family. As placement is found and a family formed, it is […]

My Story Starts with Adoption

My story starts with adoption .  My life started because of a 16 year old girl and an 18 year old boy.  That 16 year old girl was told that […]

Identity, Adoption and the Rise of Skywalker

Submitted by an Adult Adoptee Rey’s journey begins with the stereotypical Hollywood backstory. Orphaned (more or less), not sure who her parents are, taking care of herself. While we all […]

Today is My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Fifty years ago today, in a hospital in Ottawa, my mother gave birth to me.  She was all alone, miles away from her mother and her […]

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