Xander & David | November 2022

  XANDER & DAVID’S PROFILE Ages: Eight | Ethnicity/Race: Black/Carribean The smell of tall grass, drives down long winding roads and running through wide-open fields! To these two sweet boys, […]

Kyle C | November 2022

  KYLE C’S PROFILE Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: White Get your swimsuit on and turn up the music! This loving 11-year-old boy can be found splashing and dancing with a […]

Jackson | November 2022

JACKSON’S PROFILE Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White Young Jackson is a BIG music lover. With his musical heart, it is not surprising that his favourite show is The Wiggles. Aside […]

Jeffrey B. | May 2022

I hope you like the outdoors! This young man could spend the whole day at the Splash pad, in the backyard, or at the neighbourhood park. 11-year-old Jeffrey also loves […]

Trevor | May 2022

It will only take one second to be charmed by Trevor; with his sweet smile and bright beautiful eyes. He is very affectionate and loves to be held and tickled. […]

Jim | January 2022

Hi! My name is Jim and I am 9 years old. I love being outdoors – I LOVE the trampoline and my most favourite thing is water! I enjoy swimming […]

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