Chantelle | March 2024

Let’s go on this incredible journey together! We can nurture my love for soccer, explore new adventures, and create a bright and happy future for me. With your support, my spirit will soar, and there won’t be any limits to what I can achieve!


Ages: Seventeen | Ethnicity/Race: Nigerian/Black

Meet Chantelle! Chantelle is a proud, Nigerian-born 17-year-old young person. She has long black hair and brown eyes and takes pride in her appearance. Chantelle loves to be active and enjoys all things athletic – she is currently on a flag football team and is a natural athlete! When asked, Chantelle will tell you that her strengths include self-advocacy, self-awareness and independence. She enjoys eating many foods, especially all things Nigerian! 


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light” Albus Dumbledore

Personality Academics
Chantelle is a sweet and reflective person. She prioritizes her well-being and knows how to structure her day to best support her health. Chantelle is a very empathetic person and thinks well of others. She finds peace and comfort in practicing her faith, and enjoys spending her free time watching reality tv and attending bible study with her friends. Chantelle has many goals, one of which is to attend post-secondary to study Nursing. She hopes to one day be a pediatric nurse. Chantelle is currently working towards her high school diploma, taking a few courses at a time. Chantelle knows how to go at her own pace and achieves high grades when she puts her mind to it!
Openness Special Considerations
Chantelle has close contact with her godmother and a sibling.   The right family for Chantelle would understand how early life experiences impact youth in care and have the skills to support Chantelle through advocacy and unwavering support. Chantelle is a devoted Christian and spends much of her day in prayer and reading scriptures. She would benefit from a family understanding and celebrating this part of her identity.
Matching Considerations Questions?
While Chantelle’s life is moving toward adulthood, she is looking for a family that will provide her with belonging, unity, and guidance. While she prefers a two-parent household, she is open to a single parent with lots of support. She prefers to be matched with a family who will reflect her racial identity and celebrate her cultural identity. She is open to siblings and would love a large extended family. Chantelle’s team is considering families who are AdoptReady and those who have not yet begun their homestudy. If you’d like to learn more about Chantelle, please contact [email protected] to be connected with a Clinical Coordinator. If you are new to the adoption process, contact Centralized Adoption Intake Services.

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