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As part of its mission to improve the long-term outcomes and overall wellbeing of children, youth and adults who have experienced developmental trauma, the DTAA decided to initiate a campaign to raise awareness and engage stakeholders. Our campaign, Healing Childhood Trauma Together was launched in the fall of 2018 with a series of Roundtable discussions across the province.

We are very pleased to share the DTAA’s Healing Childhood Trauma Together Roundtable Report with you and welcome your feedback on it.

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the Roundtable Report

About the Campaign Roundtable Discussions

The discussions were open to the public and free of charge thanks to “collective impact” funding from Ontario Trillium Foundation. In particular we thought the following people might be most interested in being a part of the roundtable discussions:

  • People and families with lived experience of childhood and inter-generational trauma
  • People and families touched by adoption, foster carecustomary care and legal custody

And the professionals who support those who have experienced childhood trauma:

  • Child welfare professionals
  • Child, youth and adult mental health professionals
  • Educators
  • Health professionals
  • Persons of Faith
  • Social service professionals (addictions, shelters, welfare)
  • Youth and family justice professionals

The Roundtable discussions included a short presentation about developmental trauma – its causes, its impacts, why it’s important to address, why a developmental trauma “lens” or perspective is helpful, some healing strategies and resources – followed by an open conversation for participants to provide feedback, share experiences, knowledge and ideas.

We held eight in-person Roundtable discussions – in North Bay, London, Ottawa, Barrie, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Kingston and Peterborough – and two virtual discussions.

Over 250 people attended our roundtable discussions and almost 400 people are interested and have asked to be kept in the loop on the DTAA’s work.

Going Forward

The DTAA is thrilled that our messages resonated and that momentum is building to continue this critical work.

We hope to continue our conversations with Roundtable participants across the province in the coming year, and we will continue, on an ongoing basis, to reach out to stakeholders across Ontario to join in a conversation together.

Let’s heal childhood trauma – together.

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