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ACO Educator Workshop
Trauma & Loss: Creating School Communites of Well-being

All teachers have children in their classrooms that are dealing with the impact of trauma and loss in their lives. Some through their journeys of foster care and adoption; others through immigration as refugees, violence in the home, conflict in parental separation and divorce, serious illness, or a death in the family.  Children and youth touched by foster care and adoption, in particular, have told us that they want a school environment that is positive, inclusive, safe and sensitive to their unique needs and life experiences. 

About Our Program

ACO worked collectively with youth, families, educators and other professionals to develop a workshop to assist educators in creating school communities of well-being for adopted and foster children, and other vulnerable children, who have been touched by trauma and loss. The Workshop was piloted with great success in May 2017 to a diverse group of Ontario educators.

ACO can accommodate large and small groups within a school community or across a school board. Our trainers are located in many regions of the province to be sensitive to local needs and facilitate this interactive workshop in communities/school boards.  

We all must work together to create environments in which children and youth who have experienced significant trauma and loss are able to thrive and heal.

Our kids deserve nothing less.

Workshop for Educators








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Availability of the Workshop

Scheduled Workshops

The workshop is normally offered to educators in various Ontario cities in August each year.  Registration opens each June.  See our events page for more inforation on our upcoming schedule.  

Fees:  $75 per person


Upon Request

The workshop can also be delievered to any school or schoolboard as a Professional Activity day on request.  

Fees:  Full day workshop - $1500, plus travel costs

    Half day workshop - $900, plus travel costs




For resources, click here to visit our Educator Resource page.


"Loved every minute of it. It really helped my understanding of the foster system, adoption and how small some of the triggers can be."

"…So much wonderful stuff to explore. I think all administration at schools need to take this."


"Educators can begin to put this workshop into practice tomorrow - it's a mindset that's doable; small changes can be made to make a large impact."

"It was fantastic!"

"I loved it! Thank you."

"Hoping to have a workshop for our school."



If you would like more information about the workshop please contact ACO's Permanency and Adoption Competency Training Program at



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