Hearts, Love, Connection

February is all about hearts and love and connections. Sending words of love on Valentine’s Day. Adoption is also about hearts, taking care of them and the hurt they can feel when loss is experienced. February is a time to put hearts and minds together to recognize that children/youth in adoption and permanency lost an important relationship and for many their story and history, and some their race, culture and extended families and connections. Birth parents lost their child and caregivers/adoptive parents/foster parents and kin parents have experienced losses in many ways that hurt hearts.

Hearts are tender and February can be a time to share a heart, hold a heart or recognize the many ways that everyone on permanency journeys can appreciate a heart moment. I walk my dog in the park with a group of women, one who shared one day that she was adopted when she learned I was. We don’t chat about it a lot and today she pulled out a bag of cinnamon hearts and said, “Do you remember these? I nodded, smiling at the memory of the corner candy store I visited as a child, and she said, “Have one, just cause we’re adopted” and we carried on our walk to the taste of little hearts. And a connection that needed nothing more.

Share your heart with someone this month who walks on the journey of adoption/permanency … in whatever way works for you.

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