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  • I’m an Adoptive, Kinship, Customary Care Parent, or Caregiver

I'm an adoptive, kinship, customary care parent, or caregiver

If you are an Adoptive, Kinship or Customary Care Parent, or Caregiver, the ACO offers various supports that are listed below.  If you are thinking about Many of our courses and programs are designed to support you on your adoption and permanency journey. We also offer opportunities to connect with other families who are travelling the same road.   

The ACO is currently offering a one-day training for foster families titled, Trauma & Loss Through the Mind, Body & Heart of Children & Youth in Foster Care. Learn more here!

Pathways to Permanence 2

Free program for Ontario-based adoptive families ho have experienced trauma and loss.

Kinship Families

Providing support and resources for kinship families.

Find a Professional

Find a trauma-informed professional to work with your family.

Support Groups

Support groups provide parents with access to a network of people with similar experiences.


Online presentations from all members of the adoption galaxy.