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  • I’m an Adoptive, Kinship, Customary Care Parent, or Caregiver

I'm an adoptive, kinship, customary care parent, or caregiver

Are you an adoptive, kinship, or customary care parent, or caregiver? The ACO is here to support you with a range of resources tailored to enhance your adoption and permanency journey. From comprehensive courses to transformative programs, we provide essential tools to help you navigate the complexities of caregiving. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other families who share similar experiences, creating a community of support and understanding.

Currently, we’re excited to offer a specialized one-day training session for foster families, titled “Trauma & Loss Through the Mind, Body & Heart of Children & Youth in Foster Care.” This workshop is designed to equip you with the insights and skills needed to address the challenges faced by children and youth in foster care. Click here to learn more and join us in making a difference!

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Pathways to Permanence 2

Free program for Ontario-based adoptive families ho have experienced trauma and loss.

Kinship Families

Providing support and resources for kinship families.

Find a Professional

Find a trauma-informed professional to work with your family.

Support Groups

Support groups provide parents with access to a network of people with similar experiences.


Online presentations from all members of the adoption galaxy.