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Adoption Myth #6

"There are no more international adoptions."

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International Adoption

International adoptions are completed with the aid of a licensed adoption professional and approved by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services Private and International Adoption Unit.

International Adoption

The laws and requirements for adopting internationally vary from country to country and, as such, the Private and International Adoption Unit grants licenses to practitioners and agencies on a country by country basis. Some agencies may have license for several countries, and licenses for some countries may be granted to several agencies.

Families who are considering an International adoption must have a homestudy completed using the same format as public and private adoptions. They will also attend the same education program. Depending on the country they are applying to, they may need to have other documents or assessment reports included in their dossier. A country may place specific limits or requirements on who may apply to adopt. For example, some countries may require a psychological report or may not accept applications from unmarried applicants or applicants who are beyond a certain age. The length of time it takes to adopt and the fees involved can also vary dramatically from country to country.  

A family may only apply to adopt from one country at a time. As a result, it is extremely important to know which country you are hoping to adopt from before you begin the process. The following chart provides a broad overview of basic information about countries for which there is a licensed adoption practitioner or agency in Ontario.

International Adoption Chart

(as of August 21st, 2015)

Please note:

  • This chart has been completed as a preliminary resource for families interested in international adoption programs and adoption professionals who are supporting families.
  • The absence of a particular country from this listing does not necessarily preclude adoptions from that country.
  • Please contact agencies directly for more detailed information.  For a list of Ontario licensed international adoption agencies and Ontario licensees authorized to facilitate adoptions of children from outside Canada, please click here:
  • In the case of countries in which more than one agency facilitates, information from all agencies (as available) has been amalgamated and generalized.  Please speak with individual agencies to determine their unique criteria and program offerings.
  • ”Child proposal” is synonymous with “Referral”.
  • ”Placement” refers to the time that a family travels to the country to collect their child for return to Canada.
  • “Timing” generally represents time to child proposal once a dossier has been submitted to the applicable country.
  • Prior to dossier submission, applicants must complete a home study (6-12 months) and their application must be approved by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, “married couples” must be heterosexual.
  • Countries may change their guidelines at any time, without notice.

Countries are arranged alphabetically. To expand each of the following sections, just click on the country.

» Albania

» Algeria

» Bangladesh

» Bulgaria

» China

» Ghana

» Guyana

» Haiti

» Honduras

» India

» Jamaica

» Kenya

» Lebanon

» Lithuania

» Nigeria

» Philippines

» Poland

» Serbia

» South Africa

» South Korea

» Sri Lanka

» St. Vincent and the Grenadines

» Thailand

» Ukraine

» United States of America

» Vietnam

» Zambia