Jackson | November 2022

Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: Canadian/White

Young Jackson is a BIG music lover. With his musical heart, it is not surprising that his favourite show is The Wiggles. Aside from music, Jackson enjoys the company of others and being included in whatever activities are going on around him. He especially loves being the centre of attention, as he loves receiving cuddles and being pampered and cared for.


“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.”

– Zeus, Hercules

Personality Academics
Often calm and content, you will certainly know when he’s enjoying himself, particularly when he hears piano music! Even though he does not have verbal language, you’ll see that he is happy with the choice of music when we see him smile and hear him vocalize along to the music! Jackson likes going to school. The interaction and outings have been fun, and he enjoys being around others in stimulating environments.
Openness Special Considerations
Jackson has regular visits with an important person in his life who lovingly plays the piano for him. It would be important to maintain this connection. Due to some of Jackson’s complex medical needs, he has not been developing at the same rate as his peers, but that does not stop him from experiencing the big world. Currently, he has been enjoying stability with his health and has benefited from close care from his team.
Matching Considerations Questions?
Jackson would do best in a two-parent household that can support limited mobility and provide assistance in supporting his everyday needs. If you’d like to learn more about Jackson, please contact [email protected] to be connected with a Clinical Coordinator. Those who have not begun the AdoptReady process are welcome.

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