Kyle C | November 2022

Get your swimsuit on and turn up the music! This loving 11-year-old boy can be found splashing and dancing with a big smile on his face.

Age: Eleven | Ethnicity/Race: White

Get your swimsuit on and turn up the music! This loving 11-year-old boy can be found splashing and dancing with a big smile on his face. Kyle loves exploring and going on fun outings. Whether it be the splashpad, library, or zoo, he is excited for the adventure it may bring!


“Some people are worth melting for.” – Frozen

Personality Academics
Kyle is generally a happy little camper and is often described as calm and loving. He enjoys snuggling up and being read to by his current caregiver, and going to indoor playgrounds. When he is not playing and needs a break, he enjoys watching other children play from the sidelines Kyle attends school full-time at his local public school. He is in a community classroom with the support of a special resource education teacher as well as educational assistants. Kyle enjoys spending time at school where he can learn and laugh. His favourite school activities include circle time, gym class and going to the library. He loves working on new skills such as beading, holding a crayon, and completing puzzles. His learning doesn’t stop at school! Kyle continues his learning and growth at home through an Applied Behavioural Analysis program, where he works on social skills, communication, and adaptive learning skills.
Openness Special Considerations
Kyle has a warm and trusting relationship with his current foster care provider. It is important for Kyle to maintain this connection and for his adoptive family to value and support this relationship. Kyle benefits from lots of loving support to help him learn and grow! He is learning new ways to communicate such as sign language and does best with a structured daily routine. Kyle is getting stronger every year! And has special doctors who help monitor his health, to make sure he is feeling and doing his best. His favourite foods include smoothies, applesauce, yogurt, and homemade stews, yum!
Matching Considerations Questions?
Kylie is open to both single and dual-parent families. The ideal family for Kyle will be accepting and embrace him for the wonderful unique boy he is. They will be strong advocates for his needs and support him in reaching his fullest potential. This family will understand the importance of openness, and maintain a relationship between Kyle and his current foster care provider. This family will be willing to work with a number of professionals to aid Kyle’s development and growth. He will benefit from a family who is patient, nurturing, and supportive, and will celebrate his accomplishments. Please see Kyle C’s profile on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID 17904.

If you have questions about Kyle C, please contact Vivian McCauley, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2666 or [email].

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