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Date: May 28, 2020 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Adoption Newsletter
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As we continue to mange the significant changes and challenges of COVID-19, the ACO is working hard to recognize the challenges and respond to the needs. We know that for families, this pandemic often means being together in the same home all or most of the time with parents juggling work and parenting and trying to be teachers to their children.

For foster, adoptive and kinship parents, that can also mean parenting children who struggle with change and upheaval on the best of days, whose skills in social and independent play may not be as developed as their peers and who may find the uncertain climate we are all living in, even more stressful and scary than children with more secure histories.

Children who have been on permanency journeys, prior to adoption, may “sense” that life is more chaotic and if they have had multiple transitions they may become more stressed or “triggered” as their minds and hearts become overwhelmed and scared that history is repeating itself in some form.

For parents working from home or worried because they are not working or stretched financially, stress can build and it is not surprising that mental health and wellness can become challenging.

In response to the pandemic, the ACO is here to help and support by…

  • providing all webinars for free until the end of June and developing new ones each month
  • designing and hosting panels and conversation by professionals and parents
  • hosting virtual kid and teen hang out programs that help us learn more about coping during the pandemic and are a lot of fun
  • and…

ACO has Opened an Information/Navigation and Support Line

We remind ourselves and everyone that during times of high stress, we need to get enough sleep, try and keep a regular structure or routines in place, eat well, get exercise and get outside, even with physical distancing. Research shows us that these core ideas can make a big difference for everyone and are especially important for children and adults who have previous trauma or adverse experiences in their history.

And sometimes it can still feel like or be too much. Which is why we are opening the virtual information, navigation and support line for the duration of the pandemic, so that individuals and families have adoption competent counsellors and therapists to help them during this time.

Stay well and be safe …. We are in this together.

Dianne Mathes
Executive Director, Adoption Council of Ontario

Information/Navigation and Support Line

Email and phone support will be available for several sessions and if longer term support is needed, we will help you with a referral.

Further information is on our website. You can reach the line at or at 416- 482-0021 or on the toll free line at 1-800- ADOPT-20.

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"As you can see, it is hard to be adopted; even though it seems special, it is hard."

Mia, 9 years old, shared her speech about being adopted with us. Mia talks about all the things that are hard about adoption, like missing her first family, moving around a lot, and being afraid you will have to change families again. 

Mia's story is very brave and helps us to understand adoption from the perspective of a young girl. "You might think that I was lucky to be adopted, but adoption is really sad because you have to switch families..."


In honour of Children and Youth in Care Day on May 14th, Never Too Late team members recorded a podcast about the experiences of youth in and from care during the pandemic.

The podcast was produced and created by lived experts involved with the Never Too Late Program. Children and Youth in Care Day was created to raise awareness, reduce stigma and recognize children and youth in and from care. Stories in the podcast highlight the unique difficulties child welfare alums are experiencing during the pandemic, as well as their resilience.


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Please join our wonderful Pathways childcare providers for some fun one-hour virtual sessions where kids can hang out with other kids and participate in some great activities. It's also a chance for kids who met during Pathways sessions over the years to see each other again and reconnect. Sessions are organized by age from kids to teens and are FREE!! Kids enjoy an hour of activities and sharing, and parents get a little break too - it's a win-win for the whole family!!!


Pathways Alumni - You're Invited to Our Virtual Follow-Up Sessions!

These sessions are an opportunity to reconnect with the Pathways concepts and therapeutic parenting approach as well as having the chance to reconnect with other families and our Pathways trainers. We know this is a challenging time for you and your families and we want you to know we are here to support you.


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The Spring 2020 Adoption Resource Exchange Conference is moving online! Learn about children and youth available for adoption through their local Children’s Aid Societies on a virtual platform next month. Also have the opportunity to attend different education sessions put on by professionals.

Join in this two-day event taking place Friday, June 12th, 2020 and Saturday, June 13th, 2020!. 


More free Adoption Matters webinars are being offered in May & June! For the first time, we are offering them over the lunch hour as well as in the evening to accommodate more of your schedules.

New webinar topics include Internet & Social Media Considerations for Adoptive Families and ACEs & Developmental Trauma. Please join us for these & other interesting topics to help you on your journey!!




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WANT TO SHARE YOUR STORY! Are you interested in sharing your story, or being a guest blogger for the ACO? We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences with adoption at.

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