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Date: November 25, 2020 Author: Communications Contract Staff Coordinator Categories: Adoption Newsletter
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This month of Adoption Awareness has been an insightful, touching and at times thought provoking experience for many. I want to extend my personal appreciation to everyone who shared their personal stories and insights about their adoption/permanency journeys and to honour the courage and wisdom that were so present.

The ACO is listening intently to these voices and experiences and we are committed to supporting members of the galaxy involved in lifelong journeys in adoption and permanency. Who makes up the galaxy? The Galaxy consists of children, youth, adults and their original/birth and adoptive families along with their extended families, teachers and communities.

Join us as we close out Adoption Awareness Month on Monday, November 30, with the launch of ACO’s Galaxy of Adoption and Permanency. The ACO will be unveiling our new video at our virtual closing keynote and we will be launching an ACO giving day.

No need to register, just click here to access the closing keynote, at 3:00 PM on Monday, November 30th. The passcode is 707589.

It is the ACO’s way of saying we are listening and we support you and we want the voices and experiences to be heard and responded to in ways that are meaningful and acknowledge the language and experience of loss. If the video speaks to your experience in adoption and permanency or raises thoughts or questions, we would love to hear from you.

Know someone who might be interested in learning more about the Galaxy of Adoption/Permanency? Invite them to attend the closing keynote with you! We look forward to seeing you there.

As always Warmest Regards,
Dianne Mathes, Executive Director, Adoption Council of Ontario

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Looking back over the past year the Never Too Late (NTL) program has so many accomplishments to be proud of.

One of these is the #14Stories podcast made for May 14th, Children and Youth In Care Day. The podcast was produced by young people and featured the stories of youth in and from the child welfare system as they navigated the early days of the pandemic. Having youth connect and create is a crucial piece of our work.

If you haven't heard these impactful stories yet, they are a great way to wrap up adoption awareness month.  


Due to popular demand, and some wonderful community support, we have been able to continue our Kids Hangout sessions this fall.

After fun Halloween parties at the end of October, we held sessions for all ages in November and have more to come in December!!

The kids are having a blast hanging out, doing some fun activities together and meeting new friends across Ontario. Please tell your kids about these sessions and invite them to join in on the fun!!


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Would you like to build your knowledge with tools, tips and strategies to help you in your adoption and parenting journey?

AdoptOntario's Online Adoption Events (OAEs). are an exciting way of educating and connecting families with waiting children/youth in need of an adoptive home.

Our next OAE features older youth. No matter the age, everyone needs a family. Adolescents need just as much support as other children in care, even past the age of 18.

Join us on December 1, to learn more about these wonderful, dynamic teenagers! 


It only takes a second to be charmed by Trevor, with his bright beautiful eyes and sweet smile. Trevor is a ball of energy who likes to be in motion. This comedic boy can be very silly, as he loves to laugh. Meet Trevor.

Stuart is a sweet natured, affectionate boy. When people meet him, they are drawn to his endearing personality and those that know him well describe him an incredibly likeable, sweet boy.  Meet Stuart.

Taylor’s shy smile will light up any room! He is a wonderful, imaginative boy – so excited to try new things. He is very inquisitive and it is no wonder his favourite show to watch is “how it’s made”. Meet Taylor.


Family of four in the autumn time. Group of professionals.


It may be a long and challenging winter. Understanding our kids and their behaviour, as well as ourselves, is more important than ever. As our Pathways alumni have told us...

  • "I don't feel alone anymore".
  • "I found a community who gets me and my family."
  • "I understand my child and myself better and we have a better relationship as a result."

We are offering our Pathways training program across the province. Virtual classes start in January; registration is now open!


Want to better understand why this training is important?

To learn more about the Pathways training, visit our website or watch this great video about Pathways.

We’re offering our ACT training program for professionals starting in January 2021.

For the first time it will be offered in the evenings and on Saturday mornings to make it more accessible to all. Join the more than 200 Ontario professionals who have taken ACT in Ontario and learn all about the lens of adoption and permanency journeys and why this lens is so important to understand when working with those touched by these journeys.

Post-ACT Communities of Practice are available to ACT alumni.


Want to better understand why this training is important?

Listen to our Executive Director Dianne Mathes in this short video or visit our website.



Register Today!

WANT TO SHARE YOUR STORY! Are you interested in sharing your story, or being a guest blogger for the ACO? We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences with adoption at.

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