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Date: May 25, 2021 Author: Madison Lee Categories: Adoption Newsletter
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May 2021
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ACO's Spring Provincial ARE 2021 with a diverse group of children
Welcome Everyone to the Spring of 2021
While we continue to find ways to support each other and stay safe during the ongoing pandemic, I want to take a moment to say that the ACO is thinking about everyone and their families.Stay safe, stay healthy and remember that there is education, support and many activities going on at the ACO, including kid and teen hangouts and of course our second Virtual Provinicial ARE and ongoing development of the Central Intake Project.
Lots to learn and read about in this newsletter in what we hope are long, warm days and soon with more family and friends.
Warmest Regards
Dianne Mathes
Executive Director, Adoption Council of Ontario

The ACO's Spring Provincial ARE 2021

The Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO) is thrilled to invite you to this year’s Spring Provincial Adoption Resource Exchange (ARE) 2021! The virtual event will take place over a two-day period, Friday, May 28, 2021 (6PM - 8PM) and Saturday, May 29, 2021 (10AM - 2PM).

This year, the ACO has a lot in store for both prospective adoptive parents and adoption professionals! A detailed package will be released to attendees closer to the event. This year’s ARE will include:

  • On-Demand Presentations by Child/Youth Workers
  • 1:1 Conversations between Workers and Prospective Adoptive Parents
  • Education for Adoption Professionals
  • Education for Prospective Adoptive Parents
  • A Panel Discussion led by Adopt4Life

Registration is now open! (Registration closes on May 27th, 2021 at noon. Space is limited).

pre-teen child smiling at computer



We’re offering our ACT training program for professionals this summer.

Join our trainer Karen Moore and learn all about the lens of adoption and permanency journeys and why this lens is so important to understand when working with those touched by these journeys.

"[ACT] is much more interactive and had an eclectic group of participants who had different lived experiences." - ACT Participant



Please join our wonderful Pathways childcare providers for some fun one-hour virtual sessions where kids can hang out with other kids and participate in some great activities.

It's also a chance for kids who met during Pathways sessions over the years to see each other again and reconnect.

Sessions are organized by age and are FREE! Kids enjoy an hour of activities and sharing, and parents get a little break too - it's a win-win for the whole family!



a black hat with the words 14 stories and microphone lgbtq2s+ couple looking at computer



Children and Youth in Care Day is recognized annually on Ontario on May 14th and was initially created to raise awareness, reduce stigma and recognize children and youth in care.

For some, it's a day to celebrate, for some a day to learn, for others a day to advocate. For young people at Never Too Late (NTL), we're focusing on community and storytelling through our second annual #14Stories Podcast Series for May 14th! 

Young people from across the province with experience in child welfare shared their stories of coping over the course of the pandemic as well as the impact of listening to and participating in last year's series for May 14th.



We are offering two FREE webinars in June that focus on the LGBTQ2S+ community! 

  • Thursday, June 25th (7 pm-8:30 pm): Parenting kids & young people on adoption & permanency journeys who identify as LGBTQ2S+: What you need to know and understand

  • Monday, June 28th (7 pm-8:30 pm): The Journey of LGBTQ2S+ Adoptive & Permanency Parents

Registration for our The Importance of Siblings and Adoption and Your Extended Family webinars are still open!





candles lit on a birthday cake kids korner over adoptontario logo



"Today is my birthday. Fifty years ago today, in a hospital in Ottawa, my mother gave birth to me. She was all alone, miles away from her mother and her family. She had been sent away. She had been told that she had to place me for adoption or her family would disown her. What kind of choice is that for a seventeen-year-old girl, to have a baby or to have a family.

I was taken at birth and placed in a foster home.

Many years have gone by…50 in fact, but I always think of my mother on my birthday. What is she thinking today?  How is she doing?  Was she able to get the help and support she needed to deal with that very difficult decision that she was forced to make?"


Visit AdoptOntario's Kid's Korner, where you can explore profiles of waiting children and youth! Our Kid's Korner provides an opportunity for families to learn more about a child or youth's personality, matching considerations, openness and more.

Macey has large, sparkly eyes and a smile that lights up the room! 

Kyle C is a sweet and gentle young man who starts and ends each day with a smile.  

Mac is a very affectionate, social and happy youngster. With his exploratory approach to life

Jeffrey B is a playful and affectionate young man who is well-liked by everyone.


check marks, files and computer screens computer with survey options



In November 2020 the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services announced new funding to The Adoption Council of Ontario to expand our existing AdoptOntario program and to create and deliver a centralized adoption intake service for the province. Here is an update regarding these exciting changes. 

AdoptOntario has expanded the capacity of their database. This means that the databank has been migrated to a more secure server so we can be assured that the sensitive data it holds for the children and families we serve is as safe as possible. The updates to the server will allow for a greater capacity, which means we can accommodate many more child and youth referrals, and more families too. It also means that professionals will see a new professional site. We will be providing training to CAS staff and private adoption practitioners to help orient them to the new data entry process and to help professionals understand all the supports that an AdoptOntario recruitment plan can offer.

The second part of the expansion will occur this fiscal year. The ACO will provide a Central Intake program for prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) who are new to adoption in Ontario.  Central Intake will provide applicants with dependable and accurate information about public adoption in Ontario as well as how to access private adoptions. MCCSS has requested that this new process go live in Spring 2022. 

Questions? Email us here.


As we moved forward with Centralized Intake, it became very clear that we needed to hear from our adoption community. An authentic desire to improve pre-adoptive training services in Ontario and include the voices of the galaxy of adoption has led to an undertaking of a comprehensive Needs assessment.

We hope to gain a clear picture of what is working and what needs improvement in the province. The voices of youth, prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents, kin caregivers, customary caregivers, and adoption professionals are essential in this journey. The more people we hear from, the better we will understand the needs and strengths moving forward. You will have two ways to choose to participate. The first is a confidential non-identifying survey that will be sent out end of May.

The second is our focus groups that will be done virtually with various groups from the adoption galaxy. Focus groups will begin at the end of May. Focus groups will provide an opportunity for us to listen and you to use your voice. We need you.

Please consider completing the survey when it makes its way to you or/and attending our focus groups. If you are interested in being part of the focus groups, please contact us directly at or  

Generosity Supports Families

 WANT TO SHARE YOUR STORY! Are you interested in sharing your story, or being a guest blogger for the ACO? We want to hear from you. Tell us about your experiences with adoption at.

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