Oscar | August 2023

Let’s go on this incredible journey together! We can nurture my love for soccer, explore new adventures, and create a bright and happy future for me. With your support, my spirit will soar, and there won’t be any limits to what I can achieve!

Ages: Fourteen | Ethnicity/Race: White/Canadian

Oscar, your expert guide in navigating the world of maps! This 14-year-old young man possesses an insatiable curiosity and a serene demeanor. Oscar is comfortable spending time on his own. This is when he sinks into his many hobbies and interests, including watching YouTube videos, making crafts, and watching movies.


“Adventure is out there!”

– Up

Personality Academics
Bid farewell to GPS! As I mentioned, Oscar has a particular interest in maps! His latest mission has been tackling the maps of Canada, and studying the roads that connect each province together.

At home, Oscar enjoys being surrounded by the company of his foster mother and foster siblings. A structured list directs Oscar to which chore he is responsible for. Lately, he has been a wiz in the kitchen, using an air fryer as a tool for perfecting crispy potato wedges, along with sausages, pizza bites, and spring rolls, yum!

This terrific teen attends his local public school, where his teachers will sometimes assist him with his schoolwork. His school has an individualized learning plan in place that is custom to Oscar’s learning needs. Oscar is working on asking for help when needed and joining in on more group activities. 
Openness Special Considerations
Oscar cherishes regular interactions with his original family, eagerly anticipating each visit. Oscar would like to maintain a relationship with his current foster care providers, as they have been a positive and pleasant addition to his life. Structure is key to Oscar’s flourishing; routines provide the predictability he thrives upon. Oscar is currently working on expanding his social skills and has encouragement from his teachers and caregivers to participate in group activities.
Matching Considerations Questions?
Oscar’s adoption team is hoping to discover a family with some knowledge and awareness surrounding sensory needs. This family can be a one or two-parent household that is prepared to nurture Oscar’s interests, celebrate his accomplishments, and advocate for his needs. His team is open to considering those who are AdoptReady, and will support the openness Oscar will have with family members and caregivers. Oscar would enjoy being in a home with other children, ideally around his age or older than him. Oscar’s team is considering families who are AdoptReady and those who have not yet begun their homestudy. If you’d like to learn more about Oscar, please contact [email protected] to be connected with a Clinical Coordinator. If you are new to the adoption process, contact Centralized Adoption Intake Services.

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