Pathways Childcare Registration

Pathways Childcare Registration

Pathways Childcare Participant Acknowledgement re Use of Zoom for Pathways childcare

For security and confidentiality purposes the ACO is using Zoom for Pathways childcare with the following parameters in place:

    • ACO will be using only paid Zoom subscription accounts which have a higher level of security (vs. free accounts).
    • All Pathways Childcare Zoom meetings will be set up using a link with a built-in password.
    • All Pathways Childcare Zoom meetings will be set up with a waiting room that the facilitators will use to control entry of known Pathways Childcare participants.
    • Zoom links will only be sent to participants after intake calls and not be posted publicly.
    • Zoom links are not to be shared with others.
    • Pathways Childcare sessions will not be recorded by the ACO or the facilitators. Childcare participants are not permitted to record the sessions or parts thereof.

Despite establishing these parameters, ACO cannot guarantee 100% security and confidentiality through the Zoom platform and therefore participants should consider the extent of information they might want to share during the sessions. See more information on Zooms privacy and security here: Zoom's privacy & security webpage.

By participating in the Pathways training, participants are giving consent to share information within this understanding.

Please confirm that you have read this Childcare Participant Acknowledgement and are giving your consent for your child(ren) to participate in the Pathways Childcare session(s) within this understanding.

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