The Importance of Permanency for our Children & Youth Webinar

The Importance of Permanency for our Children & Youth with Kathy Soden & Aviva Zukerman Schure

Recommended Audience: 

  • All audiences welcome

Goals: During this 90-minute webinar, we will explore the critical importance of lasting permanency to our children and youth. This webinar begins by providing an understanding of what permanency means and what permanency journeys are all about. It explores the outcomes for youth that “age out” of the child welfare system without finding lasting permanency. We then discuss the differences between surviving and thriving. The second part of the webinar focusses on what adoption and permanency can offer to children and youth and what permanency families and “humans” look like. Throughout the webinar we incorporate the perspectives of children and youth on permanency journeys and feature their thoughts, voices and art about permanency and adoption. Finally, the webinar provides information on next steps for those who are interested in becoming a family/human for children and youth, as well as for professionals who want to learn more about permanency and adoption journeys and how to work with all those on them. Original air date: October 7th, 2020.

Note: This webinar serves as Part 1 of the Never Too Late program’s Orientation for prospective families/humans.


  • Learn about and understand what “permanency” means
  • Gain a better understand of what permanency journeys are all about from a youth’s perspective
  • Learn about the outcomes for youth “aging out” of the foster care system without permanency
  • Explore the differences between surviving vs thriving in life & why permanency is critically important
  • Learn what permanency can offer to children and youth
  • Explore what permanency families and “humans” look like
  • Listen and reflect on kids/youth thoughts and perspectives – what permanency means and feels like to them
  • Learn how to find out more about being a family/human for kids who need lasting permanency
  • For professionals, learn how to find out more about permanency and adoption journeys and how to work with those on them