Questions to Ask your Agency

  • Questions to Ask Your Agency

Questions to Ask your Private Adoption Agency or Adoption Practitioner

If you are exploring private adoption, your interaction will closely involve a private adoption practitioner or agency. Every licensed private adoption agency in Ontario serves the entire province, which might seem overwhelming when choosing.

It’s essential to become familiar with your chosen agency or practitioner before committing to the adoption process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to several agencies, asking questions to make an informed choice. Below are examples of the questions you might ask an agency and the responses you should consider:

If you’re pursuing public adoption, you should go through your local Children’s Aid Society (CAS). CAS networks with other Societies and private adoption practitioners across Ontario, eliminating the need for you to select an agency yourself. Learn more about public adoption.

Questions to Ask:

1. Do you offer an information package, an informational seminar, or a free consultation?
Gaining comprehensive insights into the agency you’re considering is crucial.

2. Are you licensed by the Ministry for Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS)?
An unambiguous “yes” is the expected response. MCCSS oversees all Ontario adoptions, and proper licensing is essential.

3. Are there any adoption eligibility restrictions imposed by the agency?
Some agencies specialize in certain types of adoption and might have specific criteria for families or children they work with. This is especially true for inter country adoptions.

4. Is there a waiting list to join the agency, and what’s the expected wait time?
Adoption is a life-changing journey, and patience is important. While things might take time, it’s wise to choose an agency that can initiate the process promptly.

5. How will I receive updates while waiting for a child proposal?
Regular updates during the waiting period can offer reassurance and a sense of progress.

6. What are the practitioner’s working hours for client meetings?
Aligning with your schedule is essential; ensure the agency or practitioner’s availability matches your needs.

7. What’s the fee for a homestudy?
Homestudies are vital in the adoption process. Local CAS do not charge, but private agencies will. Inquire about costs and gather multiple estimates.

8. What’s the average time frame for completing a homestudy from start to written report?
While a homestudy typically takes around six to eight months, variations exist. Understanding the timeline is important.

9. Can former clients be contacted for references?
Speaking to previous clients offers insights into the agency’s reputation and service quality.

10. How long have you or your agency facilitated adoptions, and how many have been completed?
An agency’s track record and references are indicators of its ability to match you with the right child.

11. What’s the approximate cost range for each of the agency’s adoption programs?
Adoption costs vary; understanding program costs and potential additional fees is crucial.

12.What do the fees cover, and are there any unexpected costs?
Delve into the specifics of fees and potential unforeseen expenses.

13. What’s the expected payment schedule for fees?
Discussing payment plans can help with financial planning.

14. How does your agency support birth parents before and after adoption?
If considering open adoption, ensure the agency offers support and guidance to birth parents.

15. How does your agency facilitate matches between birth parents and adoptive parents?
Understanding the matching process is essential, whether through formal lists or direct contact.

16. How does the agency acquire medical information on the children?
Ensuring you receive comprehensive medical and social information is crucial during the decision-making process.