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Being adopted is different and unique for each individual on a journey of adoption/permanency. It can be helpful to know that adoption has impacts and if you understand them and have support, you can figure out what is important for you.

The ACO has many resources that can be part of that support…learning about the themes in adoption and hearing the voices and experiences of others can help to not feel alone while you explore what you need. All the thoughts and experiences you have contain important information about what you need. Unfortunately all the ways that adoption affects children, youth and adults has not been understood enough to provide ways to find those insights. Assumptions and ideas about what adoption is and how it affects individuals has not always been accurate.

Searching can be a part of the journey and be different for everyone. Some individuals search for the answers and what they need within themselves and some search for original family to answer questions about their history, themselves and the missing information and “mirrors” of their biological roots. This information and reflection can provide an understanding of some of feelings and thoughts that may exist for you.

Learning more about the core issues in adoption, the ways that loss and grief may play a role, your thoughts about yourself and relationships are all important.

Everyone on an adoption journey needs information, compassion and understanding that it is a unique and at times challenging experience…search and reunion is one part of that journey.

At the ACO, we want to provide ways for every adoptee to feel listened to, acknowledged, heard and understand for their unique and important journey in adoption/permanency.

Video: The Trauma of Relinquishment – Adoption, Addiction and Beyond

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Events and Education

Adult Adoptee Network Meet-up

Adult Adoptee Network Meet-up

The Adult Adoptee Network is an adoptee led group which provides a safe space for adult adoptees to gather together to share, learn and grow from one another. All adopted adults 18+ are welcome.

Youth Groups & Kids Hangout Sessions

Youth Groups & Kids Hangout Sessions

An opportunity for adopted children of all ages to connect with one another in a fun and lighthearted setting. Sessions range from ages 3 to 16+ and include crafts, games and discussion about adoption (only if brought up by the children).

Blogs By Adoptees

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Frequently Asked Questions

Books Authored by Adoptees & Those on Permanency Journeys
  • Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections by Veronica Breaux & Shelby Kilgore
  • Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish their Adoptive Parents Knew by Sherrie Eldridge
  • Listen: Stories We Carry With Us From House to House an anthology written by the youth of foster care, created by the ReMoved Film team
Websites/Podcasts/Instagram by Adoptees
  • Adoptees On: the podcast where adoptees discuss the adoption experience
  • I Am Adopted (also on Facebook and Instagram) by Jessenia Parmer, a transracial adoptee
  • The Adoptee Next Door website, blog & podcast by Angela Tucker, a transracial adoptee
  • I’m Adopted is a global online community established in July 2015 by Russian-New Zealand Adoptee, Alex Gilbert. They share stories, resources, videos with other adoptees for adoptees through our entire community. They also share the importance of connecting adoptees worldwide with our meet ups for adoptees
  • China’s Children International. Founded in 2011, China’s Children International (CCI) is one of the first international support, networking, and community organizations created by and for Chinese adopteesCCI aims to empower Chinese adoptees from all over the world by providing an inclusive and supportive community for all of us who share this common beginning
Resources for Adoptees
  • Seven Core Issues In Adoption & Permanency by Sharon Kaplan Roszia & Allison Maxon Davis
  • The Primal Wound & Coming Home to Self by Nancy Newton Verrier
  • Twice Born & Journey of the Adult Adoptee by Betty Jean Lifton
  • Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self by David Brodzinsky
  •  The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-term Effects of Childhood Adversity, by Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris
  • The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind & Body in the Healing of Trauma by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

An adoptee has the moral right to know the circumstances of their adoption. In Ontario every adopted person has access to non-identifying information about the birth parents (including social and medical histories that was provided at the time you were placed for adoption).  This information should have been provided to the adoptive family, if your adoption occurred after 1990. Adoptive families are educated about the importance of ensuring that their child is provided with this information in a comprehensive but sensitive way.

For adopted people who are now adults, you can apply for your original birth information here. This applies to all adoptions that finalized in Ontario.