Kinship Families

What is Kinship?

Kinship care places a child or youth in the nurturing hands of extended family or close acquaintances, maintaining their vital connections to the familiar. Often the preferred choice, kinship settings help minimize trauma by keeping children within their existing social circles.  Kin caregivers may work with the child welfare agencies formally, as a resource or possible adoptive home, or less formally, in a Kinship service capacity. Typically, these devoted caregivers—whether they are grandparents, aunts, uncles, or community members—play a crucial role in preserving the child’s heritage, race, culture, and traditions. The benefits of kinship care are profound, as it anchors children in their roots and reinforces their sense of identity. Our Kinship care providers created an Information Booklet to help you navigate the many decisions you might consider.

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Supporting Kinship Families this GivingTuesday

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Donate Today

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Supporting Kin Families

Supporting Kin Families

A booklet of resources prepared by and for Ontario Kinship Families. This is made possible through a grant from TMX.

Support for Kinship Families

Pathways to Permanence 2

This program is designed for Ontario-based adoptive families who are parenting children who have experienced trauma and loss. The program empowers parents and caregivers to apply tools and techniques to effectively parent their children and help them heal.

Check out our new flyer that outlines how Pathways can be helpful for Kinship families and next steps for starting a Kinship session!

Learn More

Video Series for Kinship Families

Watch a four-part video train­ing series specifically designed for Kinship Families: Coping with the Unique Challenges of Kinship Care With Joseph Crumbley. Watch here.

Video Series for Professionals Working with Kinship Families

Watch a five-part video train­ing series specifically designed for Professionals working Kinship families: Engaging Kinship Caregivers With Joseph Crumbley. Watch here.

Important 2021 Announcement from Ontario Government

Ontario Increasing Funding for Kinship Service, Adoption and Customary Caregivers

$2.95 million investment covering expenses supporting the well-being of children and youth.

The Ontario government is taking additional steps to help provide vulnerable children and youth with stable, nurturing homes by investing more than $2.95 million to help support kinship service and customary caregivers, adoptive parents and legal custody guardians. These new funds will assist in better preparing caregivers to welcome children and youth in their homes and provide ongoing help with expenses like clothing, beds, school supplies and medical services.

Read more about the announcement from Children, Community and Social Services here.

Books & Websites


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