Since 2011, the Youth Network is a program in which youth bring their experience and perspective to the tasks of education, advocacy, and peer support.

The Youth Network gives eligible and interested adopted youth between the ages 14-25 years opportunities to connect with others and provide a platform for messages they wish to share with the community. Recently, PASS has been coaching and mentoring interested adopted youth on how to start support groups in their own communities, offering ongoing information and support, as needed, once these groups are established.

Very impressed by the service and support that ACO provided. The response was quick and the information was very high quality.

I Want to Come!

If you are interested in attending a Youth Network meeting, or starting a group in your area please contact at [email protected]. If you are interested in participating in ACO events please register to be a volunteer here.

Thirteen youth met through the Youth Network and realized that they had collectively experienced over sixty family moves before becoming part of their forever families through adoption. To help share their experience and spread the message about the importance of adopting older children, they created this video.

Please take the time to listen to this audio Public Service Announcement created by the Youth Network.

More information about the Youth Network is available in this newsletter.

Adopted youth have good advice for adopting parents. Check out Advice for Parents.

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