Tayten | January 2024

Let’s go on this incredible journey together! We can nurture my love for soccer, explore new adventures, and create a bright and happy future for me. With your support, my spirit will soar, and there won’t be any limits to what I can achieve!

Ages: Five | Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian

Get ready for running around with this little energizer bunny. Tayten loves to be on the go! Catch him climbing, jumping, or hanging upside down, both inside and outside the house!


“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.” – Michael Jordan

Personality Academics
Tayten is a ball of energy who is always on the move. Even the furniture at home can be seen as a playground to Tayten. Despite his love for action, Tayten does enjoy some calming activities like bath time and going for car rides, which can also help soothe his emotions when they’re feeling too big. Tayten also enjoys sensory activities, such as playing with his dinosaur toys and colouring. He looks forward to his caregivers reading him books as well. Tayten is a man of few words. He will use some short phrases and single words to communicate, although he prefers to use other methods of communication such as guiding your hand and using gestures. He finds it effective to be shown how to do something, and then he will do it repeatedly until he has mastered it! Tayten is in an “entry to school” program where he receives language and occupational support. He is working on bettering his interactions with peers by learning skills such as sharing and patience.
Openness Special Considerations
Tayten has two brothers. One older and one younger. He currently lives with his older brother and has regular access with his little brother who resides in a different home. Tayten has some access with his original parents. He has developed a close relationship with his current caregivers who will help with his transition to a new home. Tayten requires support to develop his communication and peer interaction skills. He works with the special adults in his life to process his big emotions and soothe himself when experiencing frustration.
Matching Considerations Questions?
Tayten will benefit from a two-parent family, or a single parent with access to lots of support. An active, hands-on family is ideal for meeting and advocating for Tayten’s needs. Tayten would respond best to a nurturing and patient caregiver. Ideally, someone with some knowledge regarding the impact of early life experiences and caring for children with unique needs. Tayten’s team is considering families who are AdoptReady and those who have not yet begun their homestudy. If you’d like to learn more about Tayten, please contact [email protected] to be connected with a Clinical Coordinator. If you are new to the adoption process, contact Centralized Adoption Intake Services.

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