What is it?

The Human Library is a collection of people on adoption &permanency journeys (ie. “books”) who are willing to share parts of their journeys with others to help them in their journeys. Through the ACO we provide an opportunity to “borrow” a human “book”., ie, to connect one-one-one with someone with lived experience who is open to sharing parts of their journey with others to help them learn more and understand adoption and permanency related issues more deeply.


  • books can be borrowed for a 45-minute meeting
  • meetings will be done in a mutually agreed upon manner – book & borrower will have choice of phone call, Zoom or email
  • communication will be done through the ACO with no personal contact info shared
  • only first names/or a choice of no names will be used
  • meetings/conversations cannot be recorded
  • conversations are confidential; ACO will track topics discussed for purposes of providing info, education and support on relevant topics

What is the cost?

There is no cost associated with the Human Library although donations will be welcome so that we can provide periodic honorariums to our generous and open-hearted “books”.

How do I sign up?

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More About the Human Library

Human Library Flyer

Human Library Flyer