Xander & David | November 2022

Ages: Eight | Ethnicity/Race: Black/Carribean

The smell of tall grass, drives down long winding roads and running through wide-open fields! To these two sweet boys, country days are the best! Xander and David love their small town and the sense of community that comes with it!


“A day in the country is worth a whole month in the city.”


Personality Academics
David and Xander are an active pair of twin brothers who are very close and love to have fun! They enjoy bouncing on the trampoline, riding their bikes and playing on their playset! Xander loves to dance and David loves his video games. Their favourite night of the week is Saturday when they go for dinner with their foster parents and get to eat out at a restaurant! These terrific twins love school and enjoy spending time in the sensory room! Each child has the support of educational assistants throughout the day. They have been thriving in their school environment, which is small and has a tight-knit community. Though they only have a few words, both boys have no difficulties communicating with their teachers! Both boys are learning how they can use pictures as a way to communicate. 
Openness Special Considerations
Their foster parents are very important to them and know them better than anyone. Both boys have visits with family members who are all very special to them. Xander and David are cared for by their foster parents as well as support workers who come to the house to provide play-based supervision every night! They are also supported by a relief foster family who provides extra support on the weekends when needed. These supports are likely to continue once the boys find permanency. For both boys, routine and structure are the ticket to a great day!
Matching Considerations Questions?
Xander and David would benefit from a two-parent family or a single applicant with lots of support. Their adoptive family will need to be active and very hands-on with the boys as they both require round-the-clock supervision. Their adoptive team is open to families who have begun their PRIDE Education and/or Home Study. A quieter suburban or rural setting where they can have ample outdoor time would be preferred. Although a cultural match would be wonderful, their adoption workers are open to considering families of any background. Please see Xander and David’s profile on the AdoptOntario Waiting Children list with the case ID’s 20261 and 19703.

If you have questions about Xander and David, please contact Vivian McCauley, Clinical Coordinator for the AdoptOntario program at:

1-877-ADOPT 20 ext. 2666 or [email].

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