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  • I am a Youth/Adult Who Grew up with Child Welfare Involvement

I am a Youth/Adult Who Grew up with Child Welfare Involvement

Growing up in the child welfare system means that your experience of family is different from many people’s.  Each individual who lives this journey will have a unique perspective about family, the child welfare system and themselves.  It can be helpful to learn about the ways that this experience impacted you.  If you understand the experience, you can be empowered to find the support you need and you can decide what is important for you.  If you are youth under 18, who currently resides in care and who would like a permanency plan, talk to your children’s services worker and tell them to contact AdoptOntario.   

The ACO has resources that can be part of that support, our Never Too Late (NTL) program promotes and facilitates permanency for people who have aged out of the child welfare system. Visit the Never Too Late program page for more information.    

You can learn about experiences you have in common with other as you get to know people through NTL’s Youth Connection Network.  You can find out about books and films that provide good information on our resources page Adoption Resources Databank.

Historically, all the ways that being part of the child welfare system affects children, youth and adults have not been well-understood because much of it was not explored from the perspective of those who have living experience. Assumptions and ideas about it have not always been accurate.  Learning more about the ways that loss and grief may play a role, your thoughts about yourself and relationships are all important. Find a therapist 

Never Too Late

Provide connection for young adults aging out of care.

Search & Reunion Webinar

Explore the search and reunion phase in the life long journey of the adoptee.

Find a Therapist

Search for an adoption competent therapist.